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Our teaching staff at THI:

  • Stimulate the knowledge and exploration of cultures and traditions.
  • Constantly seek excellence in their work and in their students’.
  • Are helpful and strive for personal integrity.
  • Are prepared to efficiently communicate in one or more languages.
  • Know each student’s current development stage, and understand the learning processes that each student is going through.
  •  Are disciplined, tolerant and responsible.
  • Use a variety of learning strategies in order to achieve better results in their students.
  • Demonstrate and model leadership skills and conflict resolution in order to keep their students motivated and inspired.
  • Promote effective, assertive and transparent communication inside and outside the classroom.
  • Encourage independence and achieve academic and personal goals.
  • Promote environmental care.
  • Show skills that allow them to use technology as a means of reaching learning objectives.
  • Keep a genuine commitment to the institution, offering their time and participation in school activities.
  • Seek constant training. They are lifelong learners.
  • Model universal values through attitudes and behaviors that inspire their students to be better human beings.