Hawk Character

For The Hills Institute, our highest priority is our student body, and that’s why, as we think about its holistic formation, we are fostering a sense of character and belonging using the profile of our mascot, the HAWK!

On a daily basis, we instil in our students values such as RESPECT, which goes beyond tolerance. It embraces self-knowledge and self-acceptance, acceptance of their culture, community and the inherent differences.

We also foster RESPONSIBILITY, which implies acting consciously in each one of our actions, facing them in a positive, integral, and responsible way for their personal benefit and for the community’s.

In addition, we strive to promote LOYALTY in every opportunity we have, celebrating a sense of belonging to our school community. We encourage our students to feel proud not only of their families, but also of their school. This helps them create strong bonds, full of empathy and social correspondence.

Having a clear vision allows our students to act with DETERMINATION, to be visionary, consistent and perseverant to accomplish their goals, so they can soar.

This is why RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, LOYALTY, and DETERMINATION are the core values of our institution. These values, along with the development of skills for life and a critical and analytical mindset make our students soar, leaving a positive trace in every flight they undertake.

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