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To develop skills for life through a quality integral formation in a harmonic environment that stimulates the constructive participation and enrichment through collaborative work betweens students and academic personnel. To build leaders committed with their community, the acquisition of knowledge and competencies that allow them to interact assertively and integral in society.


This through an active and participative methodology entered in projects is that they develop the skills that will allow them to interact in a competent and responsable manner.


  1. Values: To develop the reflexion and daily activity values such as Responsibility, Determination, Honesty, Respect and Loyalty inviting to active participation in different campaigns that promote and encourage our students to LIVE IN VALUES.

  2. Languages: As a bicultural institution we encourage and promote english as a second language, facilitating our students to an international certification in this second language.
  3. Mechatronics: With the intentions to promote the development of skills, in The Hills Institute, we are pioneers in including in our academic plan of mechatronics, which has the intention of developing skills such s collaborative work, problem solving, project development and decision making.

  4. Integral Program: Arts, Music and Sports: Our music program is centred in the development stage in which our student are placed, taking into consideration this characteristics promote the development of both brain hemispheres accomplishing the increase of memory, development of attention, concentration, creativity, discipline, critical thinking, among other skills that are developed through music.